Why Choose Courageous Integrity?

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My name is Jonathan Beal and I’m bringing together a family of 100 high achieving men by supporting them in setting down their masks in order to step into being 100% themselves.

If you identify as male and you have experienced conflicting emotions about who you are, what your place in this world is, and how to succeed in this life from a place of authentic self-expression, then I am here to tell you there is hope.

Success is about being 100% who you are and succeeding on YOUR terms, not others’.

You can find out more about my journey here.

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The mentoring & coaching I offer is actually a deep journey of self-discovery and vulnerability that will help you discover how to love yourself.

It will help you to have confidence in who you are deep down, build a support network that enhances your life, and lift you to heights you previously couldn’t have imagined.

I know how to get results …

I have helped people just like you step into being 100% themselves with courage and without apologising for who they are.

I want you to have it all:
• The ability to choose in your life
• To feel chosen and wanted
• To have a high reputation, to be regarded as the great human being you are
• To feel good, unshakeable, invincible even!!
• To be heard, and to truly to be seen!
• Your friends and family to think highly of you, and connect with you like never before.
• To have loyalty with your friends, family and colleagues
• To have security, stability and comfort in your life

I know you can have this, because this is exactly what all the people I work with and I have!

Britt East - Director of Digital Solutions

He quickly challenged my preconceived notions about what a life coach might be. Maybe I thought they were a little overly optimistic. Maybe pushing people too hard, like a professional trainer at the gym. And that's just not what it's been like.

Jonathan is so real. He meets me where I am in the moment. He holds me accountable, but in a way that sets me up for success, anticipating just what I need to be my most successful self during the week and our next session.


Jake Turnbull - Presenter

So if there was something I could say to someone who I was really quite on the fence about whether to try out working with Jon working with a coach, I would say what have you got to lose? Just try it because like me, you might really think that you could do it yourself.

But have you done it yourself yet? Have you made the change yourself yet?

Because if not, maybe that's not going to work for you. I spent a long time thinking of all these great things I could do. And I just never did them. I couldn't get myself past that starting point. I couldn't make a change in my life that would stick and it wasn't until Jon's coaching. That real changes start to happen and I'm so thankful for that.



Shane Scott - Business Consultant

I experienced shifts in my confidence, trust in myself and personal validation. I now find myself being genuinely happy for friends in their accomplishments without an internal monologue of “why don’t I have that?”

Forget about the anxious thoughts and just take the discovery call. After that call your anxiety will turn into excitement. If you are serious about making the changes you need and working on what you want to achieve then just do it.


Kate Smith - WiFly Nomads

Jonathan has really pushed my limits to really see and help me uncover what I'm capable of. He's helped me realise my self-worth, and that's something that has impacted how I show up and it feels so empowering and freeing to finally know my value.

He's had so much life experience. He lives and breathes what it is that he's teaching and coaching people on. He's worked through so much stuff himself. To me, that's the most important thing is that he understands and he gets it and he creates a safe space for you to go through that journey yourself.