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I’m bringing together a family of 100 high achieving GBTQ men by supporting them in setting down their masks in order to step into being 100% themselves.

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Imagine This...

Imagine being able to live a life of choice, a life of alignment, where you can be yourself fully and completely, you can set down the masks you’ve created for yourself over a lifetime, and step fully and completely into yourself, unapologetically.

This is how I and my clients live their lives, we communicate and are heard, we show up and are seen, we feel truly good about who we are.

Living a life of connection, of vulnerability and of success, both personally and professionally.

You do not have to sacrifice who you are to be successful in every aspect of your life!

It wasn't always like this...

My clients and I used to hide who we were, because we believed that our success in life was dependent upon us being what others wanted us to be.

That it was easier to create a life based on what we were told life should be, and not based up on our deepest wishes and desires. We were told to conform.

I spent years of my life hiding who I was, being a social chameleon, and I had perfected the art of people pleasing.

I entered and stayed in relationships that were not right for me, all for the sake of the other person, ultimately making my life, and their life miserable too. I would lie and hide the truth to save other people’s feelings, only making my life a living hell full of repressed emotion, and a total lack of ability to express who I was.

I built a career that on the surface was perfect for me, I could help those who wanted to change their lives, but I got sucked into another world of people pleasing, of pretending to be something I wasn’t all in a vein effort to belong, driving me to anabolic steroids and excessive alcohol consumption to fit in.

I got to 30 and realised that although I had achieved success, I had built a profitable personal training business and was helping people with far more than their health and fitness, but I was so disconnected from who I was, I had totally and completely lost who I was.

I longed to connect with people, to form true and deep relationships, but my lack of expression and inability to stop people pleasing meant that I only ever created the illusion of connection and depth.

I craved more, I was desperate to be seen, heard, and to create a meaningful life, a life of joy, happiness, and full personal expression.

My people pleasing and mask wearing led me to a life where I had no relationships that were strong, I didn’t have loyalty, I had alienated many of the people in my life. I had lost security, stability and comfort.

I had lost reputation, or at least I had a bad reputation, and I walked around in shame, feeling pretty bad about myself 98% of the time.

Something had to change!

I didn’t know what yet but I knew I had to take massive action. So I embarked, unbeknownst to me, on a journey, I didn’t know where I would end up, but I trusted that it was what I needed to do.

There’s the old cliche of going travelling to “find yourself” well I fell into that cliche, and although my rather bold choice of selling everything and travelling, with what at the time was an open ended ticket, the change didn’t happen on the trip, but a few months after I had returned.

Whilst on the trip I’d broken up with an ex girlfriend of mine (mid-trip), fell in love with a guy, and not that surface level love, that unconditional kind of love, and it was my very first experience of opening up fully and completely, of connecting deeply, of trusting in the process, and giving myself over to chance, it was the first time in my life that I gave up control, complete and total control of where my life would end up.

Well long story short it ended, it broke my heart, I felt more pain then than I had ever felt in any previous breakups, and this was my catalyst, this was the moment I knew that if I was going to have a happy successful life, I needed to find a way to drop all the masks, to relinquish control, and to start being 100% me, 100% of the time.

Now I didn’t actually realise that this was the moment until a few months later when I had returned to the UK to figure out what to do with my life next.

I threw myself into trying to understand what this meant, into building new connections, rebuilding relationships, living authentically, and vulnerably.

Facing my reality...

I discovered one truth that has stuck with me until this day, to live a full life, to live a successful life you have to be willing to take complete and total responsibility for everything in it, for every decision you’ve ever made, for every action you’ve ever taken.  

You have to face your own reality!

When, and only when you’ve done this can you truly take charge of your life, because when you understand that the way your life is today is a direct result of your decisions, and your actions, you can begin to change them, and make better decisions, and build better habits and behaviours that will create the life of your dreams.

You will often hear me say, that the decisions you make today can dramatically change your life in 6 months time, that those decisions can completely alter every part of your life, and much quicker than you think.

I started making plans, I started investing in myself, I started to create a vision for my future, I had to find out what it would be like to create my ideal life.

I noticed more and more opportunities present themselves, and instead of wondering why I wasn’t living my best life I jumped on them.

I invested in my personal and professional growth, I created routines in my life to maximise my personal growth, I created discipline and because of that results.

I began to take my life seriously, and whereas largely up until this point I had let life happen to me, and reacted, I now made life work for me and took massive action.

I experimented a lot, and even with the digital nomad lifestyle, leading me to live in Bali, Indonesia, and Thailand, where I met and connected with incredible people.

I’ve experienced massive personal and professional growth because I took action on decisions that were right for me.

It all led me to a few unshakeable truths:

  • You must face your reality head on
  • You must take full ownership of your life
  • You need the right support to grow and build the life of your dreams
  • Vulnerability is the key to unlocking loyalty in deep unshakeable relationships
  • Compassion and empathy is essential to navigate effective communication
  • You can create the life of your dreams one BETTER decision at a time

These truths form the basis of how I live my life, and how I help my clients live more fulfilled lives.

My new life...

My new reality is that I now live in Valencia, Spain, I have incredible people in my life, in all corners of the globe, and right here in Valencia, I’ve built a life for myself, a vibrant life, full of deep connection.

I’ve set down the masks, I communicate and people listen and understand.

I am fully and completely seen!

I have freedom to choose my life the way I want it.

I have loyalty because I’m invested in my relationships, and I’m vulnerable when and where it matters.

I understand myself better than ever, leading to full and complete expression, no more hiding.

My friends respect me, they understand me, they encourage me, and they’re loyal to me.

I feel great, I feel invincible and unshakeable in my mission and vision for my life.

I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, in the best shape of my life!

I am secure, have stability and am comfortable.

I now support people get the exact same results, daily, through being committed to sharing what I know.

I’m 100% myself, and my life didn’t implode, I didn’t lose anyone or anything that mattered, oh but I gained so, so much more!

All of this because I’m Authentically Ambitious about my life, I will not settle for anything less than being 100% myself.

What Our Fans Are Saying.

But now I've you know got more freelance work. I've set up a business that I've been thinking about for so long and just never done. And I've learned new skills and, all of those things, I had to pick myself up and shake myself off and decide I was going to get done. That didn't happen until I was having this coaching with Jon."
Jake Turnbull, Presenter and Video Editor
I think I would still kind of be stuck in the starting gates were it not for Jonathan. He's been crucial to my success. I think you'll see right away that he's exceptional at what he does. He's so kind caring and has so much concern for his clients."
Britt East, Director of Digital Solutions

What's next...

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