If your life isn’t how you want it… Try really investing in yourself…

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Try investing in yourself today...

You may not be in your own corner, in fact, you may be in a cycle of self-sabotage. And even when you take steps to be your best self you often find yourself back at square one.

Repeating the same cycle over and over again, wondering why you’re not making any progress.

It can take one decision to change your life, one decision to put you on a path to being your best self, and living your best life.

That decision is usually a commitment to invest in yourself, to put some skin in the game.

Because putting some skin in the game commits you to action.

The truth is most people don’t invest in themselves and they wonder why they make no progress.

You’ll be happy to pay for a personal trainer or gym membership to get your body in shape, but your mind or your future and “Nah I’m good”.

Does this make sense to you?

Your mind is the only thing that can make or break whether or not you live your best life. Your mind is the decider for ANY and ALL goals you have in life. Making sure it’s operating from a place that makes you succeed is vital to building the life you want.

So what would stop you from investing in that?

The answer is YOU, your fear that you won’t succeed, and your belief that “this is it for you”.

On top of that, you likely don’t believe that there are people out there that can help you. You don’t trust the experts.

I’m here to tell you that whether that’s me or someone else you must start believing in yourself, and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping you succeed.

What does investing in yourself look like?

I used to be hesitant about investing in myself. The furthest I would go was to buy books, stacks of books to try to learn everything I could about the human mind, and why we do what we do.

It turns out that although this is great, knowledge is only half the solution.

Because you can know everything there is to know about personal growth or personal development. But, if you’re not using that information in action you’re going to stay exactly where you are.

Investing in yourself is taking a leap, it’s trusting that someone else. Whether that be in the form of a seminar, a day working with a personal transformation expert or 3-6 months with a coach who can take you from where you are now to where you want to go.

Investing in yourself can be as small as having a conversation with someone who has proven that their process works with people just like you.

But, investing in yourself is scary. There are very few guarantees, and your consistent belief that you’re not capable of having the discipline to follow through gets in your way.

What you might not recognise is that investing in yourself is also investing in someone who is there to support you, you’re no longer alone, you have a support network.

Which is why I have personally spent more than $40k in the last 18 months on coaches, therapists, seminars, retreats, paid communities, and courses.

Every single cent has been worth it because I recognise that each of them is a chance for accountability, knowledge and growth in a varying degree.

From a course which is self-directed, to a therapist that can help you unpack the past. All the way to one on one coaching which is someone in your corner dedicated to helping you succeed.

The point of all of this is to learn more about who YOU are. To know what makes you tick, to fundamentally understand what makes you, YOU. This is so you can overcome barriers, overcome the blocks that stop you from having the life you dream about.

Investing in yourself is the key that unlocks the YOU that is in total alignment, the you that cannot fail.

Here’s the truth, this is also about priorities because you can bitch and moan about how your life doesn’t change, but if you’re out spending all your money on alcohol, or fancy clothes, or any other thing that doesn’t enrich your life then you’ve already made a decision.

It’s a decision that you’re not worth it, and every time you don’t make yourself a priority you are reinforcing the self-belief that you’re most definitely not a priority in your own life.

And the cycle continues.

What does life look like after investing in yourself?

The moment you make a decision, a commitment to make yourself a priority, and put yourself first, everything begins to change.

You start appreciating yourself more, you have signalled to yourself that you are worth it.

This snowballs from there, because you’ve indicated to your unconscious that you’re no longer a lost cause, that you are important, so you begin to shift your self-belief.

You begin to trust in yourself because it’s likely the first time in a long time that you’ve said: “I deserve better” and this is freeing.

You start to prioritise your health, both physically and mentally, you begin focusing on the possibility available to you.

Taking charge of your life, making decisions that enrich your life. Decisions that can take you from hidden to completely seen is liberating.

If you begin consistently doing this, you start to change the beliefs you hold about yourself.

They turn from “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t deserve this” to “I am good enough” and “I deserve this incredible life”.

Magical things happen when you shift your attitude. Magical things happen when you see the world through a lens that is in alignment with who you are supposed to be.

You can have that social life full of joy, happiness and connection.

It’s possible for you to have that career that you love and be paid well in return so you can fully live your life.

And have that partner and family that supports you fully.

You can come out from the shadows and be seen completely.

Where do I come in?

I’m going to preface this by saying, it does in no way have to be me, I am one option, but I want you to have the information about how I work.

What you need to know about me is that if you work with me I’m ALL IN. When I mean all in I mean I will not let you fail, you can try with all your might but I’m not giving up on you.

Does that mean you should test me, sure you can, but one thing you should know about me is I have unlimited patience. I can disarm every single one of your excuses and attempts to sabotage.

When someone signs on to work with me, I make a commitment, I make a commitment to do everything in my power to make you succeed.

That does not mean I’m going to roll over and let you walk all over me. That does not mean I’m a taskmaster 100% of the time.

It most definitely does not mean I’m going to do all the work either. This is a relationship, and relationships work best when both parties put in 100% each, not one person putting in 200% and the other 0%.

What this means is that I will create an environment where you cannot fail. It means I’m going to meet you where you are and give you all the support you need.

It means that I’m in tune with you, I’m going to know what you’re going through before you even know. Meaning I’m there to catch you when you fall, I’m there to lift you up and push you forward, and take advantage of every second of momentum.

I believe in radical honesty, so I’m going to tell you the truth, the truth of your life, the truth of your situation, which at times may be painful, but it always comes from a place of love.

Just recognise I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to be your coach, I’m here to hold you to account for your own dreams, and as a result, support you in making them a reality.

Know that your life can change faster than you know and if you surrender to the process. If you surrender and trust that the universe has your back, you will also be fully supported through the process too.

Of course, if you’re not ready for that, that’s okay, I’ll still be here when you are.

But if you’re ready, well buckle up, because you’re in for a hell of a ride.

To work with me…

I used to do my introductory sessions for free. But what I found was that it too indicated to most that they were not ready, that they were not committed to creating the change they wanted.

People would turn up half-heartedly, or in some cases not at all, again repeating patterns of self-sabotage.

Because even when you’re confronted with an answer, with a solution, sometimes you’ll do everything in your power to avoid it.

Entrenched in the belief that you don’t deserve happiness or the life of your dreams.

So I made some changes, introduced a fee and as a result, this ensures that the session will give you complete clarity on the next steps for you because you’re showing up with skin in the game.

The fee is there to ensure you commit to turning up to a call that is the first step on your journey to creating a life of alignment.

A life where you are fully seen for the incredible, wonderful, colourful, vibrant human being you are.

So, how much do you want this change for yourself?

If you’re not at a 9 or above you’re not ready, and you could go years stuck in the same patterns you are now, I’ve witnessed it, and I’ve been there myself.

That’s your prerogative.

But the question is, are you interested in transforming your life or are you committed?

If you’re committed, book a session today using this link. Together we will uncover the possibilities of your own life.

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