Live Life Intentionally

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You want to live life intentionally, but how? You can be the intentional creator of your life and you can, through only a few small changes in a few small activities, be more present, be more joyful, be happier and create real change, sustained change in your life.

Being intentional is one of the most important things you can learn in life. Because with intention becomes essentially a way of managing your life to set expectations. On top of that, to build the life that you want to build the life that you deserve.

It’s through intention that we get clear on exactly what it is that we want, and ultimately, how we’re going to get there.

The reality is that most people, the way they approach their lives and the world and what we do is we kind of just Bumble along and hope for the best and live each day without really making any true decisions.

Ultimately, really letting the world and other people make decisions for us. It’s easy to get sucked into distractions. It’s so easy to get to a point in your life where, you’ll get to the end of the day, and instead of doing something worthwhile with your time, you’ll switch off and just end up watching TV for five hours while ordering a takeaway.

Eventually that becomes your normal, eventually, that becomes the way you live your life day today.

It doesn’t take much but it does take effort, but it doesn’t take much to create a more intentional life for yourself.

The way that we can do that is to really get clear on initially, your why for all parts of your life.

What I mean by getting clear on a why is that you can create an emotional connection to the reason that you’re doing anything in life and to all aspects of your life. Whether that’s work, whether that’s friendships and relationships, whether that’s your leisure, pursuits, hobbies.

Whatever it may be. If you have a clear understanding of your emotional connection to the reason that you do these things, you are much more likely to follow through to the end.

For instance, take changing your health and creating a healthy lifestyle.

If you don’t understand what the end result is, and why it’s emotionally important to you are very unlikely to actually follow through and create that change in your life.

How to Get Clear

To start doing that, to start living a more intentional life, there are various things you can do.

Number one is after you’ve gotten clear on your life, all parts of your life. You can do this in such a way that you imagine, you visualise your perfect day.

You can just sit and think on the idea and then write down some notes afterwards. Or you can sit and journal, two or three sheets of A4 or letter size and depending on where you are of information about what your perfect day looks like.

The main problem here is when you don’t get detailed enough. You want to talk about what happens after you wake up how you feel when you wake up, what happens next in terms of your morning routine, what does that look like?

Then how it feels. Take that through every aspect of your day, whether it be, how much work you’re doing, what it feels like to be doing the work, the sounds, the smells, the feelings, everything, and get super, super clear on what that life looks like to you.

I can guarantee for most of you, it’s not what life looks like now.

Once you’ve done that, the truth here is that you have to start making some decisions.

You have to get super, super, super clear on, on, not being woolly. Not being wishy-washy, and really deciding on things that are going to impact your life long term.

That means making some trade-offs. That means making some sacrifices and giving up, some leisures or even as a concept, the idea of your whole previous life.

That’s hard, that is really difficult.

There is a grieving process attached to that. It’s not just, I’ve made a decision and I’m going to follow through it well, it is.

On top of that what you have to deal with then is the emotions of having to let go of your old life and embracing the new one.

It’s amazing how that can impact you even on a small scale. One simple decision just to wake up at the same time every day at a set time to give yourself more time to do a morning routine.

That can be difficult because you’re going to be fighting behaviour or process something that you’ve learned, something that over time you’ve set in stone as being the way that you operate.

It’s not easy, I get it, I understand. It can be tough. It’s something that, I deal with, with clients all the time. How do you keep going on these new habits and these new ways of being that support my new life.

But ultimately it’s doable, it’s absolutely doable, you just have to commit.

Building New Habits

Talking about habits, it’s really important to create the habits that support the new life that you want.

Being intentional with that, and creating something of a solid morning routine can really help set your day up.

That can be as simple as just asking yourself a few questions in the morning. Whether it’s, how am I feeling today? What is it that I need to do today that will make my day successful?

What is it that I need to do today that will make my day amazing and full of joy and happiness and full of satisfaction and fulfilment?

Then going forth into the day and making that a reality.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Again, in terms of morning routines, a really, really good exercise to do here is practising gratitude.

It’s one of the simplest activities you can do. But if it’s done, right, I can have dramatic shifts your day in your life.

Recently, a relatively new client of mine has gone through the process of discovering gratitude and the effects that it has.

Simply by listing three things every morning that you are grateful for, can have a dramatic shift.

There is a caveat here because it has to be new, and it has to hold emotion and meaning and feeling. You can’t simply write down water, the air I breathe, my sister, whatever it has to hold meaning.

You have to describe why you are grateful for these things, and it’s there that you tap into that inner feeling of gratitude.

That just shifts your attitude for the entire day.

I highly recommend if you take anything from this blog today it’s that you start the practice of gratitude. Because gratitude can really help you live life intentionally.

Setting Intentions

One really simple way of really setting an intention for your days is simply just to make your bed. I know it sounds silly, and I know it sounds small. But making your bed signals to your mind that you are ready for the day and that you are taking responsibility for your life.

It sounds silly, but try this one activity, and I promise you, it makes a massive, massive difference.

Another exercise that I’ve got from Brendan Bouchard’s book, high-performance habits. It’s a technique I’ve used with a few clients.

I’ve recommended the book to each client to read because it goes into a lot more detail about creating that high-performance life.

This activity is called release tension set intention. It essentially allows you to let go of all of the things that are on your mind throughout the day. You can do this activity multiple times as you shift from one activity to the next.

Really release any of the built-up stress or tension from the activity and allow you to move into the next one. Fresh with a clear idea of what it is that you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it.

It takes a minute or two, you can sit in a chair, close your eyes, and repeat to yourself in your mind the word release. And as you’re doing that focus on on the many different areas of your body, and actively allowing the body to relax and release any tension that has built up from the previous activity.

Once you feel that the body has fully relaxed and release all of that, you simply sit down. With your eyes still closed, you ask yourself, what energy do I need to bring into this next activity? And how can I do this next activity with excellence?

On top of that, how can I enjoy the process because it’s really important that through the day, not only do you bring your best self, but you allow yourself to enjoy it.

This is missing from so many people’s lives. I really recommend that you read this book for more information.

Another way to live life intentionally throughout your days and your interactions is to give yourself reaction time. So often we’re going into situations, whether it be spoken or if we’re, working on emails that involve another person.

We are waiting for our chance to respond. We are caught up in the emotion of the conversation and will not give ourselves the time to logically think through how that situation makes us feel.

But also being rational and logical about how we respond. More often than not, in any interaction, what the person is saying to you is not about you, it is about them.

We regularly get caught up in the idea that it is about us, and it’s not. We have to release that. You have to let go of this idea that what this person is saying is a reflection upon us or is about us. Because it’s not.

It is always about the other person’s emotion, what they’re going through and how they’re feeling. Take a minute to reflect upon that and understand that and then respond with logic, rationally respond with compassion and empathy.

This is a really great way to live life intentionally about your relationships, platonic, romantic, and professional. That will have the biggest impact on your ability to connect with other people.

I’ve just given you a few ideas about how to be more intentional about your day, and your life as a whole.

Here’s the thing, it is through being intentional that you create the life that you want. It is being the intentional creator of your life, where changes really start happening.

As I said earlier, making those decisions and being firm about them and being and committing to them is what creates the biggest change in your life.

It is in allowing life to happen to you, that keeps you where you are and keeps you downtrodden and feeling like you’re living a mediocre life or living somebody else’s life.

The results of being more intentional about your life speak volumes. This is something I can attest to, something my clients can attest to, in that you are able to be much more present, you have much more joy in your life.

You have much more time in your life because you cut out non-essential things that are stopping you from having the time to have more joy and play and be present. It allows you to create the life that you want.

Now, it is also important to understand that being intentional about your life does not mean that everything is going to go your way. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, just by being intentional and making decisions that your life is going to be peachy and rosie all the time. No.

But what it does allow you is to be more present and understanding. What it does allow you to do is to be intentional about what you learn from mistakes and what you learn from failures.

Mistakes are only good and failure is only good if you are able to reflect and grow from them.

So many of us will continue walking through life making the same mistakes over and over and over again. Because we are failing to do the necessary reflection and being necessarily intentional about how we approach all aspects of our life.

If you want a different life. If you want your life to be yours. You want more choices, you want more security. You want more you want to feel invincible, you want to feel unshakable. All of these things come from the ability to live life intentionally.

Create Accountability

One way to be really intentional is to get accountability. And the Authentic Ambition Community is a way to do that.

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Because I want this change for you. I want to see you have the life that you very much deserve.