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“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” – Peter Marshall

I’ve been really focused on building out a community of Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer men who stand for something.

A community who stand for each other being more unapologetically themselves.

A community that will support each other no matter what happens.

But the truth is, my first 2-3 months of building this and the concept I wasn’t standing for anything myself.

In fact, I was so on the fence with my messaging that I could have been pushing for no one at all.

I was caught in a trap of doing the one thing I’ve spent years working hard not to do, and that was being a people pleaser. Trying hard to not rock the boat, and not actually standing up for myself or my community.

Then I had a realisation, I needed to be far more upfront about the difficulties of being part of the LGBTQ community today, and to start voicing my opinion.

I hear from people every day who are struggling with connecting to other guys, and people who are finding it next to impossible to find like-minded guys who are even slightly interested in building a relationship.

This combined with some of the experiences I’ve had recently running my social media accounts, I decided it was time to confront one of the real issues we face.

Why do so many guys in the LGBTQ community struggle with relationships beyond the physical?

I needed a way to communicate these thoughts and ideas that was easy to consume, and also easy to put together and distribute.

I settled on creating a podcast, my intention with this platform is to start a conversation around the struggles we face in the community, as well as pushing a better way of approaching finding happiness and connection.

I will be doing podcasts solo, Q&A’s with voice notes submitted directly from you, my audience.

If you have any questions or areas that you want explored in these podcasts please do submit a question in the Anchor App. 

As well as interviews with others in the community discussing their experiences and views on how we can rebuild a community in desperate need of a shake-up.

The first episode is live now and can be found on your favourite platform by searching for ‘The Jonathan Beal Podcast’ or by the following link.

The Jonathan Beal Podcast

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