Britt East

My name is Britt east, and I'm the director of digital solutions for large industrial manufacturer located in the Midwestern region of the US. But I live and work in Seattle, Washington on the west coast.

Before I met Jonathan things, were going along pretty well I have a husband of 10 years, a career, that's going fantastic. But when I reached my mid 40s, I still thought something's missing, that I could even have a richer, fuller life.

I still thought I was holding on to some residual shame and internalized homophobia, things from my past that were preventing me from having the relationships that would truly be rewarding. And I definitely knew I was missing purpose, passion, mission, all these things that really help you stay focused, give your life direction.

I've been working with a therapist for a long time for years, who I adore and had really no intention of leaving. So I was a little hesitant at first, I had never worked with a life coach before. And I found Jonathan on Facebook and quickly knew there was something different about him.

He quickly challenged my preconceived notions about what a life coach might be. Maybe I thought they were a little overly optimistic. Maybe pushing people too hard, like a professional trainer at the gym. And that's just not what it's been like.

Jonathan is so real. He meets me where I am in the moment. He holds me accountable, but in a way that sets me up for success, anticipating just what I need to be my most successful self during the week and our next session.

So after thinking about it, you know, I decided to go ahead, take the plunge and dive in. He offers a free consultation, and that really put my mind at ease. Because in that consultation, I could quickly see that even beyond his Facebook persona, this was going to be somebody that I could quickly trust and who would really push me with kindness and compassion and empathy, to get real results.

Where my therapist creates a really safe space for me to land Jonathan has helped me build the life of my dreams. Since I started working with Jonathan the biggest change in me has been my self confidence, I keep getting comments around the way I'm presenting myself in the world, my friends are saying that I never looked or felt so good that I seemed like a different person. They've never seen me so happy and centered.

And that's just after three months, I'm so excited to see what the next few months hold.

There's been so many strategies that Jonathan has given me, to help me address my lack of confidence, and fully confront my past without dwelling in it.

But I think the best thing that's the best thing has helped me has been to rewrite my story. And that's taken several different formats. It's helped me get my arms around it in a whole new way.

Even though I had done this work. To a degree in the past. This time was different because I was so thoroughly joined by him in the process, instead of just going off to my little emotional Island, thinking through my story, and then sharing it with various people.

He's actually joined me each step of the way, and help point out key insights and takeaways that have helped me unlock and unleash all sorts of new choices, behavior, ideas and ways of being in the world.

If I had not started with Jonathan I think I'd be where I was was three months ago, which was not a bad place. But so far different than today.

I just can't believe how far I've come so quickly.

And yes, it's been a ton of work, a tremendous amount of work. It's been so worth it. I don't question it for a second. I just can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

So if you're considering working with a life coach, if you're thinking about working with Jonathan take the free consultation. I think you'll see right away how smart he is, how wise and intelligent he is and how he can help you too.


Jake Turnbull

Hi, my name is Jake, and I am a video editor and presenter from Kent, England.

Before I started working with Jon, there wasn't really anything in my life that was wrong. But I kept feeling like I wasn't working at my full potential, like I couldn't do anything at 100%. And it was de-motivating because it felt like there were lots of opportunities in my life that I was missing, or that I couldn't bring myself to work hard to achieve.

None of the changes that I tried to make in my life were really working, they wouldn't stick, I couldn't do them consistently. I had sort of a basic grasp on fitness, and I could function well enough in place of work that I had a pretty good job, but none of it was satisfying. It didn't really feel like I had to invest any of myself into it.

The reason that I decided to go with Jon's coaching was that I figured that if it wasn't something that I could get to work myself, there was no harm in trying out a different method. I wasn't so arrogant to think that I was going to have all the solutions to my own problems. And clearly, whatever I had been doing up until that point, wasn't working.

So it was time to try something else. At first, I was nervous, and to admit all of this to someone made me feel a little bit exposed. But you know, you've gotta press forward, you've got to make a change, nothing will change until you do. So I just sort of pressed through it.

I think that ever since I started this coaching, the biggest difference that it's made is to my motivation. I've really started to realise how many lies we tell ourselves, and how there really is an excuse for everything. And it isn't until you start to realise, to take responsibility for the excuses you're making, for the reasons you're not doing things for the goals, you aren't hitting, until you really realise that you are the only thing that's holding you back. Nothing's going to change.

Realising that my life was my own responsibility. Really started to change something in me, despite the fact that I was so nervous in the beginning, that never really goes away, because you're putting so much of yourself out there. But it starts to become more exciting and much easier.

You start to realise that the best way to help with something is to get it out. Because all the time you have your problems in your own head, you're telling yourself lies about you coming up with excuses for why things aren't going your way.

What's really surpassed my expectations is how much I can change in a short amount of time, once I have someone there to tell me, you know, what's stopping you. But it's not just about how much easier it's got in terms of the nerves like having consistent accountability there and having Jon's advice, or even just having Jon there to bounce my thoughts off because God knows I can really talk sometimes. It's just made everything so much more organised, which then makes it feel more successful.

My fitness is coming along well, and sleep is improving. And once those two things are there, everything else starts to slide into place. I have more motivation in work, I have more pride in what I do. And all of these little changes really do affect each other and have made me happier, they've made me happier.

One small thing, that is a strategy that's worked for me from the first time I heard it until right up until now it really was like, Oh, yeah, that makes much sense kind of moment, is when Jon told me excuses, are always valid. Like, if you come up with an excuse not to do something, it's pretty hard to refute it unless you really have the motivation to push through it.

Once I realised that, and realised that our brains do backflips to keep us in the comfort zone that I started to notice myself doing it and then I could ignore it. So if I had some extra freelance work I wanted to do when I got home and the ps4 was looking at me and asking me to play it, instead of saying, Oh, I really deserve it because I've done so well at work today, I can think that's an excuse. Now I can choose whether to invest my time in something that's valuable to me, or I can play on the PS4 which I still do, but in ways that don't feel guilty for because I've already got loads of work done.

If I had never gone through this with Jon, and if I'd never decided to go through with this coaching, then I think that I would have just been exactly where I was. But now I've you know got more freelance work. I've set up a business that I've been thinking about for so long and just never done. And I've learned new skills and, all of those things, I had to pick myself up and shake myself off and decide I was going to get done.

That didn't happen until I was having this coaching with Jon. And I finally had someone say to me, like, you can just do it, you can take it, you know, it's the life that you want. Why don't you just do it before it was always something that I could just leave floating as 'yeah maybe that'll happen' and make myself feel better by telling myself what a good idea it was, but I never did it.

That's the big difference is now I'm much more of a doing person, rather than just a thinking person.

So if there was something I could say to someone who I was really quite on the fence about whether to try out working with Jon working with a coach, I would say what have you got to lose? Just try it because like me, you might really think that you could do it yourself.

But have you done it yourself yet? Have you made the change yourself yet?

Because if not, maybe that's not going to work for you. I spent a long time thinking of all these great things I could do. And I just never did them. I couldn't get myself past that starting point. I couldn't make a change in my life that would stick and it wasn't until Jon's coaching, that real changes start to happen and I'm so thankful for that.

Shane Scott


My name is Shane and I'm a Business Consultant.

Before I started working with Jonathan, I was in a word lost. I had spent the majority of my life living to please others and being the person, I thought other people wanted me to be.

I knew I had more to offer and also had ambitions of my own but found it difficult to break away from routine of living within others people’s expectations. Even after coming out to my family I realised that this constant cycle of showing up for others would not be broken without some concentrated work on myself and discovering what I wanted for my life.

I knew that I needed to do the work but was overwhelmed by where to start or even figuring out what to tackle first. An old colleague had spoken previously on how much they got out of coaching and when I came across Jonathan and his understanding of the GBTQ struggles I knew that was what I needed to kick start my path.

When I made the decision to begin coaching I felt, honestly, nervous but excited that I had finally taken that first step to showing up firstly for myself as well as those normal feeling of this will never work or I’ll make a fool of myself.

The biggest change I have experienced since starting was the understanding that the choices that I make, I am responsible for them. Also, the confidence of recognising that I had so much to contribute that was of value. Practicing gratitude for the things in my own life really changed my perspective as I had previously sought approval from those around me and connecting that responsibility to the things I am grateful for showed me that it was my choices that generated the truly awesome things I value.

The process has exceeded my expectations, I originally thought I would get some tools to help me better navigate towards a more efficient and fulfilling life but what I really gained was a deeper understanding of what I value from my experiences as well as quashing the negative stories I was telling myself about myself. That was far more than I could have ever hoped for.

On top of that I experienced shifts in my confidence, trust in myself and personal validation. I now find myself being genuinely happy for friends in their accomplishments without an internal monologue of “why don’t I have that?”

The one strategy that has been key for me is practicing gratitude. I have gained so much more from that than I could have initially imagined.

My biggest AHA moment was realising that I have amazing resilience and pass that off as just getting on with life and need to recognise how far I have actually come as well as allowing myself to be vulnerable.

If I hadn't started, I would honestly be asking myself “is this it?” “is this all my life will be?”

If you're considering working with Jonathan. Do it! Plain and simple.

Forget about the anxious thoughts and just take the discovery call. After that call your anxiety will turn into excitement. If you are serious about making the changes you need and working on what you want to achieve then just do it.

Kate Smith

I run a professional development training program. When I initially met Jonathan, I wasn't exactly looking for support. But once I got to know him, we immediately connected and eventually, with Jonathan’s support, he has been able to help me in so many ways in my life and my business.

Jonathan has really pushed my limits to really see and help me uncover what I'm capable of. He's helped me realise my self-worth, and that's something that has impacted how I show up and it feels so empowering and freeing to finally know my value.

I've also struggled with connecting with people and you could say I have a bit of trust issues and certain walls up when I meet people. Jonathan's really helped me understand what it means to be vulnerable and how to form those deeper relationships and those deeper connections, which has obviously impacted my relationships with other people which inadvertently affects everything in life and business.

He's always been so incredibly supportive and he really creates a safe space to just be yourself and at the same time pushing you to show up as the best version of yourself and he does so in a really respectful way.

He won’t shy away from telling you the hard truth of the reality. But you also know that he has your best interests at heart and he's doing it from a respectful place so that you can grow and become the best version of yourself. He has been one of the biggest impacts in my my life and my business. I am so incredibly grateful for Jonathan.

I can't even begin to explain, without him, I just think of how much further back I would be in terms of my personal growth, and also, inadvertently that impacts the business as well.

The thing that has been most helpful for me and perhaps the biggest aha moment, is how Jonathan made me realise my self-worth, he would notice when my actions weren't quite aligning, and he would help me overcome these blocks and barriers and the resistance that I was facing. To be honest, I don't think I realised I had an issue with self-worth.

I think the thing with Jonathan, like I said at the beginning is that I didn't quite know where I needed support, but things would start coming up and it was really, that Jonathan helped me uncover, well, where are these things coming from? Where's this stemming from? And then working through it from there.

It feels incredible now to just stand in my self-worth and know my self-worth. He's really pushed me to acknowledge and discover that and, you know, I honestly feel like had I not had Jonathan in my life. I would like I said, just be so stuck, so far back in my progress, like I feel like I've made leaps and bounds, leaps and bounds of progress, because of Jonathan. It's just been this huge transformation.

I think of the time when I first met him until now and how much support he's given me and how much growth has happened during that time.

If you're considering working with Jonathan I 100% recommend giving it a go. I've invested in a lot of coaching coaches and programs in the past, but the thing that stands out to me about Jonathan is that he practices what he preaches.

He's had so much life experience. He lives and breathes what it is that he's teaching and coaching people on. He's worked through so much stuff himself. To me, that's the most important thing is that he understands and he gets it and he creates a safe space for you to go through that journey yourself.

He can really relate to what it is you're going through, it's nice to have somebody that gets it. I have so much respect for Jonathan. I am so extremely grateful that he came into my life. He has been such an asset for me, my growth, my development, it's impacted my life, my business in such a positive way.

I would highly, highly recommend working with him. It is far worth the investment. And I honestly don't think I can even put into words just like how impactful it's been.

It feels so empowering. I think that's like the best word. It's like this sense of like freeness and this sense of empowerment to just be able to show up in the world as yourself and be who you really are. It's just been so transformational.

If you're considering working with Jonathan 100% it is going to be so worth the investment. You're going to make such immense progress during that time. And it's really just going to transform your life and if you have a business, your business as well. So I 100% recommend giving it a go!

Kate is an Entrepreneur and Owner of WiFly Nomads